Non-provisional taxpayers – eFiling season is 1 September to 16 November 2020

Non-provisional taxpayers who cannot file electronically can do so at a SARS branch by appointment from

1 September to 22 October 2020

Provisional taxpayers – eFiling season is 1 September 2020 to 31 January 2021

Provisional tax filing and payment periods – 31 August (1st period), 28 February (2nd period) and

30 September (3rd period)


New Tax Season Process

Starting 30/07/2020 and during August, SARS will assess a significant number of taxpayers automatically. If you accept the outcome, you do not have to complete a return because SARS would have done that for you.

If you are auto-assessed, you will be notified per SMS in August – so there will be no need for you to call SARS or visit a branch. The SMS will direct you to eFiling or the SARS MobiApp to either “Accept” or “Edit” the return.

SARS auto-assess based on the data we receive from employers, financial institutions, medical schemes, retirement annuity fund administrators and other 3rd party data providers.

If you accept the results of your auto-assessment and if there is a refund due to you, the refund will be paid by SARS.

If you owe SARS money, you can make a payment on eFiling, by the specified due date on your Notice of Assessment.

We recommend that you do not accept the automated assessment as there can be information missing, if a third party did not submit in time.

This automated assessment also does not include any additional deductions and claimable expenses like, out of pocket medical expenses, travel claims, commission, and home office expenses.

If I do not get an auto-assessment, when should I file?

  • 1 September – 16 November: Taxpayers who file online via eFiling
  • 1 September – 22 October: Taxpayers who cannot file electronically can file at selected SARS branches by appointment only.
  • 1 September – 29 January 2021: Provisional taxpayers who file via eFiling.

If you did receive an automated – assessment

  • Amendments can be made as soon as you received an assessment.
  • Send us your tax supporting documents and we can calculated and submit accordingly.



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